Resolving complex tasks at work

Resolving complex tasks at work

Every now and then, Coven workers experience challenges at their workplace. Many of this are expected in the first few weeks of beginning at a client site or even way deep into the project you are working on. We recommend that you follow the steps below to learn how to manage this.

  1. Attempt to resolve the problem by connecting through your Coven Worker forum, ask questions, there are tons of other workers, who have passed through that phase and know what to do
  2. Most times, you won’t have to use step two, but if you do, call your handler support number and share the details of your difficulty. As you know handlers have been trained on managing complex work issues, tasks and assignments. There is a chance you won’t my last suggestion.
  3. Escalate to the council of chiefs. You know what the council of chiefs can do. These experts have volunteered their time to support people stuck on projects. They will only respond to you once you show them you have done step one and two

You have help all around you, so just before your client complains or writes your handler, you now know what to do. Remember always that the great culture we build on the field is what makes us a better company, capable of solving the worlds greatest problems



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