5 Reasons why no business should worry about hiring developers by themselves.

5 Reasons why no business should worry about hiring developers by themselves.

Let me attempt to help those businesses, who have been having meetings with developers to hire for months now.

If you are one of those, well, you are here now, you can’t continue doing harm to your self. This is why:

  1. Your time is too precious and you should focus on growing business demands. More often than not, the people who should be making key business decisions are the ones joining the HR team to find ‘geeks’.
  2. You don’t know a good one when you find one – Many HR executives will argue, but they still use the most popular Hiring standards to look for and recruit technical talents. Therefore, they hire a first-class computer science, cream and proper Head of development or software architect, who can’t build a working prototype. It takes a different type of skill set, our team has taken years of research to find out what you should look out for when hiring skilled technical resources
  3. You don’t know how many you should hire- A few weeks ago, a client phoned us from Houston Texas, he was building a startup and thought he needed many more developers. It was our role to guide him, to help him understand the product development life cycle and how many technical resources (workers) would be needed. You have a trusted advisor.
  4. We have the best developers on the continent in our pool. With a very rigorous competency model, a strong learning curriculum, a fiercely supportive community and team of engineers, you can count on the workers you hire at Coven. Our workers take very minimal time to adapt and have an impressive work ethic.
  5. You end up spending recruitment fees to hire the wrong employee, or to be mild, a wrong fit for the role. Let us help you at no charge to you to find the best technical resources for your growing engineering, design, and data science needs. You know why, we have checked around and no one does it better.

In my free time, I build technology platforms that make the world better.

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