5 Online tools for collaborating in the Workplace

5 Online tools for collaborating in the Workplace

Working in a team has not seen a more productive period than our present time, everyday more tools are dished out promised to help team collaboration become better and smoother.

Some of the tools are official and technical while some are more flexible and user friendly. There are of course, different fields of collaboration ranging from design to programming to marketing and the rest… today, we will be looking at 5 of the most popular collaboration tools for work.

1. Slack

Slack has grown to become one of the most used collaborating tools online. It has a free plan option and paid option. Slack has made communication easier and more organized, although, initially, it is hard to understand what is going on (only for about an hour or two) after that, it you should flow nicely with how it works.

You can create “channels” which are basically groups or departments or sub-teams (its depends on what you choose to call it), the default channels are random and general.

2. Trello

Trello is one of the leading project management apps currently available on the market, it is light-weight, easy to understand and use (no need for special training like JIRA or Pivotal)

Trello works with boards and cards. Basically, Trello is a list of things you want done organized into boards and cards, you can tick off finished tasks and get your progress calculated and shown to you in percentage.

It is a visual aid to getting things done.

3. Google Docs

By far, one of the most used collaborating tools online, of course, this is not a surprise, since it is owned by Google (lol).

Google docs is a perfect replacement for tools such as Word, Excel and even offers more in terms of flexibility… and its absolutely free! that’s right, everything is free.

You can create, share or collaborate on all document types, although, I find a little limit to the calculations you can do with Google Sheets, but basic users should be fine.

4. inVision

inVison is a rapid prototyping tool for designers. It is a real time design app that allows for joint design work and presentation. Everything you need from start to finishing a great prototype for your next project is available in inVision. A unique feature of inVision is, it works flawlessly on mobile.

5. Asana

Asana was created by Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein (former Facebook execs ) in 2008 to manage the company’s internal coordination. It was then publicly released in 2011 and has become increasingly more popular.

Asana is a more reobust version of trello and offers almost the same features with a few more sprinkled feature.


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