4 Simple steps to start Earning with Coven Works (3Mins Read)

4 Simple steps to start Earning with Coven Works (3Mins Read)


  1. Sign Up as a worker – Click any of the “Start Working” or “Started Button” on our home page, fill the forms diligently and we will take it from there.
  2. Keep Your Profile up to date – Dear Worker, the only way for us to know that you have those amazing skills and are ready for work is to simply keep your profile updated. Make sure your portfolio or the link to an easily downloadable version is uploaded.
  3. Continue Learning, use our learning Lab (coming soon) or any other learning platform to keep yourself ahead of others. There will not be time to prepare when opportunity comes. Learn cutting edge technology from Code Academy or Microsoft  and contribute to the Coven Works GitHub here.
  4. Get ready for work every time. Keep your phones on and read every single email that comes from Coven Works, your money is inside every email.

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