The need for a Portfolio.

The need for a Portfolio.

Our Topic this week is based Portfolio and what I perceive them to be, I trust we all know what a Portfolio is and for the benefit of those that do not know or fully understand what it is. A Portfolio is a compilation of materials that exemplifies your beliefs, skills, qualifications, education, training, and experiences. It gives insight into your personality and work ethic. By now you are Probably be asking yourself Why you need it for?

Why is because?  You will be identifying the skills you have gained through your various experiences and how they relate to the career you are interested in.

Choosing the most relevant experiences and putting them in an easily understood format will help you better articulate your skills and experiences when asked questions about your qualifications in an interview. A professional portfolio will also show an employer proof of your organizational, communication, and tangible career-related skills.

Things that should be included in Your Portfolio.

Statement of Originality: A paragraph stating that this is your work and that it is confidential. It should also indicate if any parts of the portfolio should not be copied.

Work Philosophy: A brief description of your beliefs about yourself and the industry.

Career Goals: Your professional goals for the next five years.

Resume: (add Resume Writing link)

Skill Areas: Identify three to five of the major skill set areas you have that would be important for someone in your career field to have.

How to select the best work samples

Ask yourself the following questions about each sample: What will this work demonstrate-skills, competencies or achievement of goals? Also, ask yourself. . .

  • Which skills is the organization looking for in this position?
  • What is your best work?
  • Which samples show the most skills and competencies?
  • Practice speaking about your sample.
  • Works in Progress: List career-related projects or activities you are currently working on that would add to your list of skills and qualifications for that career field.
  • Certifications, Diplomas, Degrees or Awards: Include copies of these documents and any documentation listing the skills attained for certification.

There are Sites that offers free tool for Portfolio Creation:  and the list goes on.

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